Honeypot Company Portrait Series: Cobalt

Cobalt on Honeypot.io

What is Cobalt’s mission?

Getting hacked sucks! It should be easy for modern organizations to get a solid security test. Cobalt is a ​​fast-growing Series B startup redefining pentesting and making cybersecurity easier and more accessible. We are rethinking application security and building a beautiful, integrated application security platform connecting modern organizations with top security talent.

What technologies is the tech team using?

  • Frontend applications in React, Backend apps and APIs in Ruby and in Kotlin
  • Our Infrastructure is hosted in Google Cloud with Terraform, Kubernetes

What is it like working at Cobalt? What are your values?

The Cobalt values were created in a very unique way, with input from all employees, and they continue to evolve as we do. The passion with which team members celebrate the achievements of one another, aligned with our values, is indicative of how impactful, authentic, and inspiring they are! We have four core values:

  • Humble Learning: At Cobalt, we are humble learners. What we did yesterday may not work tomorrow, so we approach problem-solving with a creative growth mindset. We take risks, share knowledge and adopt a fail-fast mentality. To encourage a high growth mindset, we offer each Cobalter an unlimited books budget, 1500 USD towards any additional Learning & Development program. We are rolling out a new Learning Management System this year. We will be hosting quarterly keynotes and seminars from engineering thought leaders and disrupters for our Engineers specifically.
  • Lead with Grit: At Cobalt, we have grit. We know that achievement comes from a strong work ethic and relentless execution. We do not quit when the going gets tough. We are committed to high integrity — we do what we say and say what we do. We take responsibility and get things done. We also offer ongoing mentorship opportunities and leadership training, and all managers benefit from BetterUp Coaching sessions.
  • Quality at Speed: At Cobalt, we produce quality at speed. Our customers and pentesters inspire our high standards. We set goals, make plans, and follow through. Our success measures and action plans are transparent and SMART. Our questions, decisions, and actions are data-driven and OKR-focused.
  • One Cobalt: At Cobalt, we know that when we collaborate, we can make 2 +2 equal 10. We respect our colleagues, and we have built an inclusive culture that values each person’s unique contribution. We genuinely believe in the Cobalt vision and care deeply about our customers, pentesters, and colleagues. We respect and celebrate diversity with over 45 nationalities already at Cobalt (and counting)! We’re proudly committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of your gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability or place of origin. We support each other and are grateful for each Cobalter’s contribution to our mission. We host Diversity Discussions every two weeks and offer high flexibility regarding working hours, remote working, and generous, unlimited paid time off. We also offer stipends for home office, wifi, lunches, and wellness.

What are your teams working on? What are they trying to achieve?

Given we are a marketplace that is a two-sided network — on one side, we have our highly skilled pentesters and what they experience when they use our platform — and on the other side, our customers and what they experience.

  • Tiering — we are in the process of introducing new product tiers — we currently offer a one-size-fits-all approach to packaging that does not account for the unique needs, budgets, and maturity levels of our customers. Our goal is to introduce a new tiered pricing model that enables prospects to quickly and easily self-identify and purchase the package that best aligns with their unique needs, budgets, and desired outcomes.
  • Prometheus (PX) — reduce repetitive tasks for our pentesters by automating the most common parts of a pentest
  • As CX-Foundations Team we are working on building and developing a strong foundation when it comes to the user- and organizational management that will meet our customers at all stages of their security maturity and enable them to frictionlessly manage their organization, assets, users, identity, access, pentests and pentest program.

How has Cobalt adapted to the challenges of the Covid Pandemic?

During the pandemic, Cobalt went fully remote first, which allowed employees to put their safety first, and enabled us to expand our hiring and gain access to talent in more locations across the US, Germany, and the UK.

What are the perks of working at Cobalt?

Grow in a passionate, rapidly expanding industry operating at the forefront of the Pentesting industry.

  • Wellness
  • Work-from-home equipment & wifi
  • Learning & development

What are your hiring goals over the next 12 months?

Over the past year, Cobalt has doubled in size. The engineering team is currently the largest team in the company.




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