Honeypot Company Portrait Series: Porsche Informatik

Peter Friedwagner, Head of Infrastructure & Cloud Services @ Porsche Informatik

Almost everybody knows about Porsche, but what does Porsche Informatik do? And what is your role in that? What is your mission?

With almost 800 employees, 160 solutions, and 32 countries, Porsche Informatik, a subsidiary of Porsche Holding, pursues the goal of developing trendsetting software solutions for future mobility. My prime focus is the IT infrastructure within Porsche Informatik. IT infrastructure covers workplaces, network connections, computing and cloud. My area of responsibility also includes IT security services. Porsche Informatik offers this as a service provider for Porsche Holding in Austria and as shared services for subsidiaries in various other countries. In summary, I deal with all kinds of IT infrastructure and related services.

What are the values at Porsche Informatik? What does the company culture look like?

Porsche Holding still feels like a family business with a very down-to-earth culture. We communicate as equals, and there are flat hierarchies, with a good balance between employees and managers. The interests of both functions within the company are considered — the teams and the management adopt a humble approach. This down-to-earth corporate culture is also demonstrated by top management executives.

Speaking about tech: What technologies are you using?

Technologies can always be viewed in terms of manufacturers and solutions. In terms of manufacturers, we use Microsoft, Vmware and Redhat. For networks, we use products from Cisco, Checkpoint and Baracuda. We use Microsoft for cloud-based computing solutions and Office 365 for the workplace.

How big is your Tech-Team?

Porsche Informatik employs 80% of its staff in software development and 20% in infrastructure. Together with our external development partners, we have almost one thousand employees.

And what are the teams working on?

This year’s focus is IT security. There are currently 30 projects in this area. This is a very important issue, as a great deal has changed in this regard over the past two years. New threats, new attack vectors and new business models have emerged, making it harder for organisations to provide ultimate protection against them. IT is one of the largest corporate risks, so IT security is more important than ever.

What are some of the perks of working at Porsche Informatik?

Flexible working time model
Employees can expect a high degree of flexibility thanks to home-office and mobile working.

Last but not least: What are your hiring goals over the next 12 months, and who are you looking for?

Porsche Informatik currently has 60 vacancies. In particular, we are looking for a large number of experienced Java software engineers as well as experienced project managers/requirement engineers. There are also other positions in areas like cloud, IT security or SAP.

Thank you for sharing all these insights!




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