Honeypot Company Portrait Series: Project A

Project A CTO Stephan Schulze

Project A is a special kind of “company” — what is it exactly that you do?

Project A is one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, with offices in Berlin and London. Founded in 2012 as an Operational VC, we have backed more than 100 startups across 17 countries and 15 industries, including digital health, Fintech, and mobility. Our dedicated team of 120+ professionals supports our portfolio companies with software engineering, marketing, sales, hiring, and other business-critical services.

What are Project A’s values? What is it like working there?

Project A is committed to diversity and equal opportunities for all — applicants and employees alike. We value humans — with all our glorious multifaceted backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Our diverse team has different ethnic and racial origins, gender identities, sexual orientations, family arrangements, religious and political affiliations, socioeconomic statuses, ages, and abilities.

What is your tech team working on? What are they trying to achieve?

Our teams help our portfolio companies to overcome their current technical challenges. We mainly become part of their teams and work with them side by side. This can include developing a ReactNative app and building the corresponding backend or a Single Page Application for their millions of users.

What technologies are you using?

The typical tech stacks that we work with are (from Frontend to Infrastructure):

How has Project A adapted to the challenges of the Covid Pandemic?

We are flexible in terms of remote options.

What are the perks of working at Project A?

Remote-friendly — work anywhere in Germany or take advantage of our beautiful and well-equipped office at the heart of Berlin.

What are your hiring goals over the next 12 months?

We are constantly looking for experts in different fields and programming languages: either for Project A or for our portfolio companies, so let’s get in touch :)!




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